welcome to the hole.

here we have almost nothing, but you can see and download some things.

soundcardish microsoft agent characters

rusball v2.03 - sc's main character, use that for most msagent videos (first set its size to 200% though in mash).

soundcard v1.02 - sc's older character, use that if you just don't want to include countryballs or want both rusball and soundcard to appear or whatever.


SCD_PRJ ringtones - did you ever want a SCD_PRJ track as your ringtone? now your wish is granted!

cipher's SCD_PRJ album - the album made by one of SCD_PRJ's members - cipher, as the title says. check it out.

other things

dotcommadotcraft - the .,. minecraft resource pack, which you should have. it replaces all faces with .,. so your favorite face is now everywhere.

color palettes - a bunch of colors for no reason, made to test my table making skills.


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